Michonne's Sword: Why Does She Use a Katana?

Michonne's Sword: Why Does She Use a Katana?


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Whether you were introduced to the Walking Dead through the graphic novel or through the television show, one part of the story never changed: Michonne’s katana. While the network may have altered other elements of the story, Michonne’s sword was too powerful and interesting not to include. Where did she get the sword? How did she learn how to use it? Why does she continue using it when there are deadlier weapons available? If you want answers, check out this blog from Swords of Northshire for all the details!


How She Got Her Sword


Michonne’s sword wasn’t always hers. As the story reveals her history, we learn that Michonne got the katana right at the beginning of the outbreak. She had no experience with this type of weapon and no formal training. She learned to use it instinctually, practicing on the walkers who tried to kill her every day.


There are some differences between the origin of Michonne's katana in the show versus the graphic novels. In the novels, Michonne found the sword at her neighbor’s house while searching for supplies after the outbreak. She trained herself to use it through fencing techniques.


In the flashbacks we get of Michonne’s life on the show, you catch glimpses of the katana displayed in her home, implying she already owned it and had some training before the outbreak.


What Does Her Sword Look Like?


Michonne’s sword is a long, single-edged katana modeled after the infamous weapons of the samurai. Made of high-carbon steel, most likely forged out of folded tamahagane, this katana measures 40” in total, with a blade length of nearly 28”. It has white ito wrappings around the handle and is sheathed in a leather case with a strap that allows Michonne to carry her sword on her back.


Why a Katana?


There are many reasons why Michonne chooses to continue carrying a katana as her primary weapon. The first may be sentimentality, but there are definitely some practical uses for a katana during a zombie apocalypse as well, including:


  • Stealthy and silent

  • More effective at close range

  • Never runs out of ammo

  • Won’t jam or misfire

  • Easier to maintain and clean

  • Multi-purpose tool


As it turns out, Michonne’s sword is an effective choice as a weapon against the zombies!


Ready to Join Michonne?

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