Kenjutsu Techniques

Kenjutsu is a type of sword fighting martial art that originated in Japan. These are often the techniques used by historical samurai sword fighters. Kenjutsu was very famous during the 15th and 16th century. Kenjutsu has no restrictions or limitations, and it emphasizes on a speedy fighting form. It’s more about swordplay and rituals that focus on precise striking techniques. The interesting part about this martial art is that the practitioners often balance between traditional techniques and modern day sports. Below you will find information about Kenjutsu Techniques.

Kenjutsu Techniques

Five Fighting Postures

Five fighting posture is when the sword displaces over the head, lateral side, middle-class, pointing down and horizontal. This fighting posture allows the swordsman to adapt to any fighting condition. This is the basic of any can Kenjutsu training. The posture can help build muscle memory and motor skills through various repetition in techniques.

Quick Strike

A quick strike is the main theme of the martial arts sword fight. This is where one hand remains on the panel of the sword and the other on the ridge at the blade. The posture allows for a quick strike with the sword. The main target is the collar, wrist, neck, and chest. The quick strike technique can strengthen your forearm, wrist, and muscles. It also enhances hand-eye coordination.

Forward Thrust

The first move is to trick your opponent into an ill timing strike. You can fake a strike and then perform a double hand forward thrust. The main emphasis is to target the face or chest. This type of thrust is often preceded by a fake strike or circle movement to move the opponent's blade.

Cleaning Before Sheathing

The first thing to do is swing the sword over your head in a fast circular motion. Then circle it in front of you and slide it across the sheath. Then you can slide it into the sheet with the right hand. The two arms should move peacefully together in order to meet in the middle. Keep in mind that Kenjutsu has various techniques and rituals in handling your blade. There are specific ways to carry and clean your blade. It’s these rituals and traditions that shows people how experienced you are in the art.

Double Sword

Kenjutsu fighters are known to use two swords. When you fight with a sword in each hand, they can enhance the defensive and offensive technique of the fighter. However, this type of technique requires extra training. Usually, one sword can help block your opponent's strike while the other is used to cut and thrust. The double sword technique requires a skillful fighter and is still practice today in the sword fighting world.


Kenjutsu is very fun and discipline sport, and mastering kenjutsu techniques are difficult to master. It requires a lot of skills and accuracy that takes years of hard work and experience. However, once you master the fight, and you can truly call yourself a ninja or samurai. These are often the skill sets that a samurai, warrior, or ninja often possess in Japan. For more information, Swords of Northshire can help you test your kenjutsu techniques.

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