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It’s not very common, but it’s sometimes necessary to travel with your sword. Whether you’re flying, traveling by train, or riding in a car, there are some key ways to pack your sword that ensure it stays safe and that you don’t get delayed by airport security!

At Swords of Northshire, we’re the sword experts, and we know all about packaging weapons for protection during travel. Check out our suggestions for sword bags, carry cases, and more!

Can I Check A Sword In My Luggage?

If you’re traveling by plane, this is the most important question to answer. The TSA website prohibits weapons in carry-on luggage but does allow them in checked bags. You can absolutely check a sword in with your luggage, but be aware of TSA guidelines and safety recommendations that apply to cutting and thrusting weapons, including:

  • Always sheath your sword
  • Securely wrap your weapon
  • Provide extra cushion and support in sword bags and cases

Sword Bag or Sword Carrying Case?

While there are a number of bags available for taking your sword to and from the dojo or gym, we believe that travel requires a little more protection and support for your weapon. Our recommendation would be to pack your sword in a rifle case with foam inserts that you can carve/shape to accommodate your weapon.

We would also suggest that you disassemble your sword so that the pieces lay flatter to minimize movement and shifting during travel. Some other suggestions to enhance the efficacy of your sword carrying case include:

  • Capping the sword tip with a short bit of PVC pipe
  • Using multiple layers of masking tape to secure all the pieces to the case
  • Securing the case with zip ties or a lock to ensure it stays closed
  • Taping cardboard or padded angle metal to the blade to keep it from bending
  • Separating the blade from the other sword pieces and keeping the handle and guard in your carry-on

Some airlines have specific instructions that limit the size of carrying cases and bags, so always check their websites before your flight to ensure you’re within the size and weight limits they specify.

DIY Carrying Options

If you don’t want to splurge on a carrying case or sword bag, there are still some options that can help ensure your weapon’s safety. Consider using a wide diameter shipping tube from the post office. Opt for one made of sturdy cardboard and stuff it with ultra-soft padding to keep your sword from moving. You can also get any cardboard box of the correct size and wrap your sword in it with extra bubble wrap and tape. Seal the whole thing with shipping tape. While it may not look great, this method is very sturdy and protects your equipment during long journeys.

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