Zoro's Swords: A Round-Up

Zoro's Swords: A Round-Up

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One-Piece: Zoro’s Swords


Roronoa Zoro is a central part of the anime known as One Piece. His sword fighting skills have helped Monkey D. Luffy out of many dangerous situations. Zoro is a unique character because his fighting style, known as Santoryu, means three-swords-style. Zoro wields three swords simultaneously, holding a sword in each hand and one in his mouth. In addition to his unusual fighting style, his swords are also an important component in many battles. Learn more about One Piece and Zoro’s swords in this blog from Swords of Northshire.


Current Swords


One Piece is an incredibly long-running show with tons of lore and history. Because Zoro has had so many adventures, the swords he uses change. Sometimes, they break. Other times, he loses them, but he always has three on hand. These are Zoro’s current swords in One Piece.


Wado Ichimonji


This katana sword’s name means Straight Line Through the Path of Harmony, and it was forged by the Wano smith, Shimotsuki Kozaburo. It was handed down to Zoro over 10 years ago by his best friend’s father. Kuina was a good friend of Zoro’s and died an untimely death, leading to Zoro wielding her sword. This sword is such a high-quality piece that it’s the only one that didn’t break when Zoro fought Mihawk’s Supreme Grade sword, named Yoru.


Sandai Kitetsu


This sword is believed to be cursed to bring misfortune to its owner, but Zoro continues to use it. This second of Zoro’s swords in One Piece was also forged by a great Wano swordsmith — this one named Tenguyama Hitetsu. Zoro got this sword in Loguetown from an arms dealer who had a barrel of cheap katanas sitting in front of his store. It has a white edge and a distinctive blue hamon line that mimics the shape of waves.




The last of Zoro’s three swords was also forged by Shimotsuki Kozaburo. This sword’s claim to fame is that it was originally used by a legendary samurai named Kozuki Oden. After Oden died, his daughter inherited the katana and bestowed it to Zoro in return for his promise to return Shusui, Wano’s national treasure, to Ryuma's grave.


Previous Swords


On their adventures in One Piece, Zoro’s swords change over time. He often found stronger and more powerful swords than his previous weapons. These are some of Zoro’s previous swords, sometimes broken and other times taken from him in battle.


Unnamed Katanas


Zoro used to have two unnamed katanas that he wielded alongside Wado Ichimonji for a long time. Both swords were shattered by Dracule Mihawk during their first battle. It seems these katanas weren’t particularly powerful or well-made.




This sword was formerly an heirloom given to Zoro by Ipponmatsu. It was destroyed by Shu, rusting to the point of crumbling. Zoro left it at a gravesite on Thriller Bark.




Another of Zoro’s swords in One Piece, this was a powerful black blade that was originally a weapon of the samurai Ryuma. He was a legendary Wano fighter, and his sword was stolen along with his body. When Zoro recovered Ryuma’s zombified body, Ryuma gifted him the sword. Zoro used it until he returned it to Ryuma’s grave and received Enma in exchange.


Finding Your Own Katana

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