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katana and sheath on display

Display Your Swords Properly

Not every sword is meant for fighting. If you aren’t using your sword for practice in the dojo or Kenjutsu competitions, you probably want it out on display where you and others can see and enjoy it. You might not be sure exactly how you want to display your sword, but Swords of Northshire is here to help with sword display ideas and tips. Check out our four favorite ideas to get started today!

  1. On a Stand

When you choose to display your samurai sword on a stand, you have a lot of options. You can place the stand nearly anywhere. From the fireplace mantlepiece to your desk in the office, most stands fit into any narrow space. Once you decide where you want to display your sword, you should consider whether you want to show it sheathed or unsheathed.

If you want an unsheathed blade for this sword display idea, we recommend buying a second display stand for the sheath, as many scabbards are works of art with paintings, carvings, or brightly colored sageo accessories. There are even two- and three-part stands that can hold multiple pieces on the same display.

  1. In a Case

Many swords in our collection are extremely expensive or require extra protection from dust and other elements. If you don’t want to have to worry about cleaning your katana frequently, a case is the perfect sword display idea for you! Many frame stores offer shadow boxes that you can customize to fit your entire sword. You may have to get some hooks to properly arrange the sword within the box, but once you’re done, you can hang your case on a wall or place it on display in a cabinet or on a shelf.

  1. On the Wall

katana displayed on wall

Walls are some of the most underused display areas in any home. There’s just so much empty space for you to utilize for your sword display idea. A wall is an especially good choice if you want to showcase multiple weapons or display your sword deconstructed from all of its accessories.

It’s a good idea to carefully plan out the layout of your pieces to ensure everything looks just right. Whether you draw it out on paper or use photoshop to render a more realistic image, it’s much easier to erase things in your plans than to remove nails from the wall. In this case, planning is everything!

  1. With Other Weapons

You might think you only have to find a sword display idea for just one weapon, but true collectors can rarely stop at just one piece. We love displaying all of our samurai swords together — in the same case or on the same wall. Order them in size, shape, or color to your heart’s desire!

Inspired to shop for display pieces? Swords of Northshire is ready to help! Explore our store to find the samurai swords and accessories you need to create a gorgeous setup at home!

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