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While Deadpool has been around for decades, recent movie releases have hyped his character to new heights, generating more interest in him than ever before. In addition to his quirky interactions and anti-hero persona, Deadpool is also unique in his preferences for katana swords as his star weapons. He does use guns and other armaments pretty frequently, but he’s rarely seen without those twin swords strapped to his back.

If you’re interested in Deadpool’s katanas and want to learn more about his swordsmanship, Swords of Northshire is here to help! Check out this breakdown that explores everything from his standard samurai swords to alternate reality versions, as well as our own attempt at creating Deadpool replica swords!

Are Deadpool’s Katanas Special?

Deadpool’s katanas are not actually that special. He’s broken, lost, and replaced them many times throughout the comics and movies. While Deadpool does have a keen eye for metalwork, he only uses high-quality swords when he can afford them. The rest of the time, he’s using what’s available and affordable.

Many of Deadpool’s swords are made of steel, but some are made from carbon. There was also a set that could be charged through his suit to increase its power and durability. Whenever Deadpool is forced to use inferior weapons, he makes up for it in his skill as a Kenjutsu master.

Alternate Reality Katanas

Because Marvel has established that parallel universes exist in their world, Deadpool has appeared in multiple realities with different style katanas. Some of these include:

  • The Adamantium katanas on Earth-10005 that could deflect bullets
  • The Lightsaber katanas from Earth-10330 that Kidpool stole from that Earth’s version of Xavier’s Academy
  • The Carbonadium katanas from Earth-12101 that could deflect explosives and affect healing factors
  • The nano-ceramic fiber composite katanas from a Spiderman/Deadpool crossover comic that could cut through Spiderman’s uncuttable webbing.

We can’t wait to see what other types of fantastical katanas the writers create next!

Our Deadpool Replica Swords

Deadpool replica katanas

Because we love all things samurai, recreating Deadpool’s katanas was an irresistible challenge. We made our version of these swords with 1060 carbon steel that was folded 13 times to remove impurities and create a unique grain pattern. We then heat-treated, tempered, and oil quenched the blade to ensure the metal was ultra-hard, flexible, and completely battle-ready. We chose to replicate one of the simpler handle and sheath styles with a black-on-black tsuka and matte black saya. We even included a leather back strap so you can wear your Deadpool replica swords the same way that Deadpool does!

Finding Other Replicas

At Swords of Northshire, we don’t just have replicas of Deadpool’s katanas! We work with all types of movies, TV shows, video games, anime, and historical replicas. Whether you’re looking for Michone’s swords from The Walking Dead or a Roman gladius from the 2nd century, shop all our replicas here.

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