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Video Game Replica Swords

Video Game Replica Swords

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While having an authentic Japanese samurai sword is cool, getting one that’s a perfect replica from your favorite video game just takes it to the next level. If you want a battle-ready weapon that’s based on anything from Devil May Cry and Ninja Gaiden to Dark Souls and Assassin’s Creed, Swords of Northshire delivers! Shop all the most amazing video game swords in our collection to discover the one from your most-played game.

Real, High-Quality Swords

Every sword from Swords of Northshire is a full-tang, authentic weapon that’s made for battle. Even our video game swords can be used for practice in the dojo, cutting, and sparring. When you order one of these video game replicas, our blacksmiths use traditional Japanese forging techniques to create a real authentic weapon. Our video game swords are made to order and can take weeks to forge depending on the quality of the steel and the level of detail required. Weapons are available with custom engraving and polishing options.

Please be careful while unboxing, displaying, and using these swords.

Replicas for Everyone

In addition to video game weapon replicas, we also offer replicas of weapons from television, movies, anime, and history. If you can’t find the sword from your preferred pop culture media, you can always customize one when you create your own katana. Here, you can control everything from the blade length and material to the engraving and decorative accents.

Shop our video game weapon replicas today or create a katana from the ground up when you visit our customization station.

1095 High Carbon Steel Double Wakizashi Twin Blade Clay Tempered Samurai SwordThis Twinblade Wakizashi samurai sword is made out of a single piece of 1095 high carbon steel and then clay tempered and polished to produce a dramatic mirror-like surface. It is a very unique sword design exclusive t..
Are you tired of the cheap mold-made stainless steel replica swords? Are you looking for a real handmade fully functional sword? This Assassin's Creed Altair sword is a very sharp and strong fully functional replica. The blade is made of 1095 high carbon steel with..
This is a well-made folded steel Katana, following the traditional Japanese process, made to look just like the Uchigatana from the Dark Souls series The blade is very sharp and folded 13 times resulting in over 8,000 layers. It comes with a black lacquered and painted hardwood saya, silk ..
This is a replica of the Yamato DMC sword used by Vergil from Devil May Cry. Made from 1095 high carbon steel. With its polished, mirror-like surface, we’ve made it to look exactly like the Vergil Yamato sword from Devil May Cry. Vergil’s trademark sword is a dark forged katana that was once wielded..
This is a well-made folded steel Katana, made to look just like Ryu Hayabusa's Dragon Sword from Ninja Gaiden. The blade is very sharp and folded 13 times resulting in over 8,000 layers. It comes with a black matte hard wood saya, silk ito, brass fittings, and genuine same (rayskin). The tang i..
This Nodachi sword is inspired by Sasaki Kojiro's famous Monohoshi Zao Sword, translated in English as 'The Drying Pole' or the 'Clothes Rod'. It earned this name because it was so long that it resembled the bamboo clothes rods that were used at the time for drying clothes. The length is accurate to..
Yamato DMC 5 Vergil Sword Replica Are you looking for Vergil’s sword from Devil May Cry 5? At Swords of Northshire, we’ve painstakingly recreated this unique video game blade for you. Discover a stunning mirror-like blade, along with its trademark half light, half dark acid-etched hamon, or “edge p..
This unique spear design is a fully functional replica of Zhang Fei's Viper Blade from Dynasty Warriors. It is originally based on a historical figure named Zhang Fei who was famous for wielding a Serpent-shaped spear on the battlefield. In early Japanese history the spear was a common weapon on the..
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