Katana - Kobayakawa Hidekane 1095

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We are incredibly proud of our craftsmanship. Thus, we offer a lifetime guarantee on ALL our swords. If ever you have issues with our blades, simply give us a shout. We will repair or replace your sword for no charge. We send our products through verified shipping to ensure safe and reliable handling; if somehow your sword is not delivered, we will refund you 100% the cost.

This katana exemplifies beauty in simplicity. Its blade is a through-hardened 1095 monosteel making it very tough and able to cut hard targets such as thick bamboo and bone. The design of the bo-hi makes this sword a fast and agile cutter. There is a detailed hand-engraved dragon on one side of the blade and a hand-engraved buddhist vajra sword on the other side. The tsuba is made of iron with a simple design while the habaki and seppa are made of brass. The tsuka is made of hardwood with black rayskin panels and wrapped in brown cotton ito. The hardwood saya is fully wrapped in genuine same' (rayskin) and fitted with black buffalo horn kojiri, kurikata, and koiguchi. Each sword is individually handmade so specifications vary slightly from sword to sword.

Hand Forged 1095 Steel Hand-Engraved Dragon Rayskin Wrapped Saya Samurai Katana Sword Features:

  • Hand Sharpened, Full Tang, Battle Ready Sword
  • Hand Forged Through-Hardened 1095 Steel Blade
  • Traditional 13 Stage Hand Polished Finish
  • Hand-Engraved Dragon and Vajra Symbol
  • Cotton and Genuine Rayskin Wrapped Tsuka
  • Iron Tsuba, Alloy Fuchi/Kashira, and Copper Menuki
  • Full Rayskin Wrapped Saya with Buffalo Horn Fittings
  • Dragon and Vajra Engravings are Default
  • Craft Time: 2-3 Weeks
  • Blade: 27.9"
  • Thickness Near Habaki: 7.5mm
  • Width Near Kissaki: 2.3cm
  • Width Near Habaki: 3.15cm
  • Weight without Saya: 2.25lb
  • Overall: 40.9"
  • Handle: 10.6"
  • Blade: 27.9"


We pride ourselves on our top-notch customer service. We’re in direct contact with you regarding your order from start to finish. We also send pictures of the finished sword for your approval (and excitement!) before shipping. Other companies may accept orders and rush to fulfill them as soon as possible, whereas all of our swords are hand-forged and made to order by master smiths using the time-honored traditional Japanese & Chinese techniques. These swords are not fashioned on an assembly line; each is crafted with the care & respect the heritage deserves.

We refer to Japanese Quality to emphasize the difference from swords that are Made in China and of low quality & mass produced. All of our swords are fully handmade-to-order in the traditional way they have been forged for many generations. Many Longquan swordsmiths received their knowledge directly from Japanese forges; there is a rich history of information sharing between the two cultures. In these modern times, a Japanese Katana and a Longquan Katana are functionally the same.

Forever guarantee: We stand behind the quality of our swords. After your sword is created at the forge, we will send you pictures and will only ship after your approval. If at any time you have issues with the craftsmanship of your sword, please reach out to us and we will do our best to make things right.

Unless indicated otherwise, every sword is hand-forged and made-to-order for a high-quality & unique product created for you. This intricate process takes 3-4 weeks to complete. We’ll send pictures of your sword by email for confirmation (please whitelist sales@swordsofnorthshire.com to make sure you get our email). Tanto and wakizashi swords usually take around 4 weeks. Highly customized swords such as blades of a custom length or custom painted scabbards will typically take 4-5 weeks. For most orders, we estimate 4-6 weeks from the time the order is submitted to when you receive it. If you need a sword by a specific date or within a shorter time frame, contact us and we can see about prioritizing your order.

We ship to anywhere in the United States for free! For all other countries, we offer a flat shipping rate of $19.

Customers are responsible for customs taxes & duties.

Yes, you can customize every sword on our website. Even if you’re not happy with the existing options available to you, you can request just about any change you could think of. We can change most fittings, wrappings, and blade coloring (black, red, or blue) for free. These kinds of requests can be made in the order comments section during checkout. If what you need done is more complex and might cost extra, please contact us with your request. If you make a request in the comments section when ordering your sword and it happens to cost extra we’ll kindly follow-up and explain the cost difference and send an invoice for the cost if you’re happy with it.

Yes we've recreated many customer's favorite swords, please send details and pictures to sales@swordsofnorthshire.com and we’ll let you know about the possibilities and quote.

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