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Customize Your Own Katana

Customize Your Own Katana

Begin your Hero's Journey with a Custom Katana

If you’ve explored our entire selection of samurai swords and you haven’t found the perfect piece to meet your needs, we have the best option of all for you — your own katana design! Create your own custom samurai sword with our sword maker. When you customize your katana, you get more control than ever over the type of steel we use, the sharpening and polishing of your sword, your personal engraving, and the colors and aesthetics of the handguard, sheath cord, scabbard, handle wrap, and much more.

Start on your katana design right here.

How It Works

When it comes to creating your own custom samurai sword, our swordsmiths need a lot of information before getting started. As you work through our available options, make sure you choose something for each category, including:
  • Blade Length & Material
  • Hand Guard Design
  • Handle Wrapping Color
  • Temper Line
  • Fittings Design
  • Bo-Hi Groove
After you choose an option from each category for your custom katana sword, you’ll see that the category turns from red to black. Make sure that all of your katana design categories are black before moving to the next step in the process.

A Rewarding Experience

Creating your own custom katana sword is an incredibly rewarding experience. You’re participating in a samurai tradition that goes back thousands of years. Join the honored samurai warriors of ancient Japan when you shop our custom sword options today.

The sword you receive from our blacksmiths won’t be just any replica. It will be a fully functional, battle-ready piece that’s made just for you. Shop with us and enjoy a unique, well-crafted weapon to use in ceremonies, at the dojo, or for decoration in your home.

Your custom-made katana begins its life in the famed swordsmithing town of Longquan located in the remote, green mountains of Qinxi. The art of blade making has continued, unabated, for over 2,600 years near the cold, shining waters of the Ou River. Your sword's exact crafting methods are entirely u..
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