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1095 High Carbon Steel Double Blade Clay Tempered Twinblade Wakizashi Samurai Sword
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The double bladed sword has a long history dating back to ancient times. This kind of double bladed katana was very popular during the Middle Ages and was used by various civilizations, including the ancient Greeks, Romans, and Persians, as well as medieval knights in Europe. This dual bladed sword designed for perfect versatility with exact balance and optimal reach. This sort of double sword features blades where both sides of the steel are sharp and they can cut in either direction.

The double bladed sword is typically longer than a single-edged sword, with a blade length ranging from about 3 to 4 feet. This length allows the double sword to be wielded with two hands, providing more leverage and power behind every single swing and hit.

The double bladed sword has been used throughout history in various cultures and periods. Some examples include the Roman gladius, the Chinese dao, and the European longsword.


What Makes the Double Bladed Sword Special?

Size: Double bladed swords are typically longer and heavier than single-edged swords, which allows them to deliver more powerful blows and to be used for a variety of different fighting styles.

Versatility: Double bladed swords can be used for cutting, thrusting, and swinging, making them highly versatile weapons. They can be used to defend against both single-edged swords and other double bladed swords. This kind of double ended sword is also amazing for display purposes as well. Buy a double bladed katana from Swords of Northshire now and feature its unique and slick design today!

Two-handed use: Double bladed swords are designed to be wielded with two hands, which provides more leverage and power when swinging the sword. This allows the wielder to deliver more powerful blows and to better control the dual bladed sword during combat.


How to Get One for Yourself?

The double bladed sword has a rich historical tradition and has been used in various cultures and periods throughout history. This kind of double ended sword is often depicted in literature, art, and film as being a powerful and impressive weapon.

Our swords are each made out of one singular piece of strong, solid steel – and it is not just any kind of steel. We hold ourselves to very high standards, so we go out of our way to use 1095 high-carbon steel that is clay-tempered and hand polished to produce a dramatic mirror-like surface on the blade. This is an extremely unique sword design that is exclusive to Swords of Northshire – there are no other weapons out there that are like ours. Each of our weapons is unique from each other because they are made to order – not mass-produced! All of our blades are full tang and battle ready with hand-sharpened steel and premium iron fittings.

Be sure to add this iconic weapon to your collection today!