Top 5 Coolest Swords in Movies

Top 5 Coolest Swords in Movies

Famous Movie Swords

At Swords of Northshire, we create tons of custom weapons and hand-crafted traditional Japanese blades, but one of our favorite things to recreate are swords from pop culture and fiction. Swords in movies are among our most popular replicas because many people want to own a piece of a famous character. If you want to learn more about the top five coolest movie swords in our collection, explore our list below.

  1. Kill Bill | Bride’s Katana

The Bride’s Katana from Kill Bill is the only sword Hattori Hanzo made after his retirement. It’s based on the three-color combination of black, white, and yellow that matches every outfit Beatrix wears on her journey towards vengeance.

Just like the sword in the movie, this katana is long and slim. It has a Japanese-style lion head carved under the hilt where a blacksmith’s signature traditionally belongs. Because we use the same traditional Japanese forging methods as Hattori Hanzo, our blade is truly as close to the real thing as you can possibly get. Functional and battle-ready, our replica is a real sword that can be used in the dojo or the backcountry to slice and dice with ease.

  1. Deadpool | Double Katanas

The double katanas that Deadpool uses in the movie Deadpool are a pretty cool set, and very unusual because most people don’t usually dual-wield two double-handed swords. That’s right, a katana is usually held two-handed, but Deadpool uses one in each hand! This leads us to believe that his swords in the movie are lighter (and maybe a little shorter) than the traditional katana. They may actually be a set of wakizashi!

Since there are a number of storylines that name Wade’s materials as various mythical metals, like adamantium, plasma, or carbonadium, we decided to replicate these swords with our signature high carbon steel to deliver maximum strength, flexibility, and power with real-world metal.

  1. Braveheart | William Wallace’s Broadsword

Moving away from Japanese-style swords in movies, we arrive at William Wallace’s iconic broadsword. In addition to being a famous movie sword, this blade is a real-life antique that supposedly belonged to the Scottish knight William Wallace in the 1290s. It currently resides at the National Wallace Monument in Scotland.

As a movie and historical sword replica, we paid extra care to the construction and details of this weapon. The hardwood sheath and leather handle wrapping are faithful to the original and even the measurements and weight are as close as we could possibly get. Over 50 inches long and 5.5 lbs, this is a beast of a weapon.

  1. Highlander | The Kurgan’s Sword


The Kurgan was the Russian immortal from the movie Highlander. Even though his fighting skills were prodigious, he met his death at the hands of Connor MacLeod. The Kurgan’s fighting style showcased sheer brutal power and strength, and his sword is fully in-line with his attacks.

A massive, two-handed broadsword, we chose not to replicate the multi-piece style of the sword in the movie because it would compromise the integrity and strength of the blade. Even though it’s super cool to be able to disassemble your sword, it’s just not practical! We did however replicate the toothy style of the guard as well as the leather handle wrapping and the deadly sharpened edges.

  1. Conan the Destroyer | Atlantean Sword


Heavy enough for only the Barbarian himself to wield, the Atlantean Sword in the movie weighs over 6.5 lbs. Conan found a sword that was supposedly forged by the ancient Atlantean people and was able to use this absolutely massive piece due to his own brute strength.

From the skull in the pommel to the snakes at the guard to the Atlantean runes on the blade, every inch of this sword was faithfully replicated from the movie. It even comes with the sheath attached to a leather hip belt that allows you to wear it around your waist!

Are you inspired by these awesome movie replicas? So are we! Explore all of our sword replicas today to find pieces from your favorite animes, television shows, and more.

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