Katana Cutting Demonstration

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At Swords of Northshire, all our swords are authentic pieces made by hand through blacksmithing techniques that have been passed down for generations. When you purchase a katana from us, you can choose a sharpening preference based on your needs. If you plan on using your katana for cutting or practice in the dojo, we recommend a fully sharpened weapon that’s ready to use the moment you receive it. Discover how cleanly and easily our swords cut through many types of materials when you check out this demonstration video.

Full-Tang & Battle-Ready

Whether you purchase a sharpened or unsharpened sword from our store, you can expect to receive a full-tang, battle-ready piece that you can use to practice forms, cut through a variety of materials, and much more. With a sharpened weapon, you can cut through bamboo, wood, and wire as if they were butter. With a demonstration organized by the Japanese Martial Arts Center, you can clearly see how our katanas perform chopping through the practice materials.

Watching the video, it’s obvious how easily the katanas are cutting through the material. Each demonstrator needs to take only one swing to completely shear through a stake that’s 5-6” in diameter.

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At Swords of Northshire, we want to perpetuate the ancient and honorable traditions of samurai Japan. Our dedication to authenticity leads us to hand forge each sword as they are made to order just for you. Whether you need a katana for practice, display, or ceremony, we can provide premium pieces that are full of Japanese history and heritage. Shop katanas for cutting in our store, as well as odachi/nodachi, wakizashi, shirasaya, and more.

If you’re interested in learning about feudal Japan, sword care and maintenance, and our blacksmithing techniques, you can visit our blog for in-depth guides, historic events, mythic stories, and overviews on many subjects relating to samurai and their weapons.

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