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Musashi’s Katana & More

It seems like everyone is obsessed with the television odyssey that explores the evolution of consciousness in artificial intelligence — Westworld. When we first heard about it, we were hooked. Now, Swords of Northshire is part of the story. As Westworld has continued, they’ve moved away from the wild west and on to feudal Japan — our specialty! We’re excited to announce that our swords made it onto set and were featured throughout seasons two and three of the show! Check out the swords we had in the show, including Musashi’s katana!

Musashi’s Katana

Musashi is a host in Shogunworld, the Japanese counterpart to Westworld. He was created in the same host role as Hector Escaton from Westworld. In the Japanese immersive alternate reality, Musashi is the epitome of a disgraced samurai that still follows many of the Bushido codes and virtues dictated by the way of the samurai. Nevertheless, he acts with honor and protects his family and friends.Musashi’s primary weapon is a gorgeous katana. The saya, or scabbard, is painted to imitate snakeskin, while the ito, or handle wrap, is a stunning red silk cord. Other notable elements of the katana include the dragon-wrought tsuka, or handguard, and a distinctive hamon line created through clay tempering that’s reminiscent of cresting waves or mountain peaks. Since we made Musashi’s Katana for the show, you can find a fully functional, battle-ready option available for purchase on our site! Shop the Miyamoto Musashi sword here!

Tanaka’s Daisho Set

Tanaka is another host in Shogunworld. He actually replaced Musashi in the Shogun’s army according to his predetermined story arc for the immersive reality experience. He carries a complete daisho set, including a katana and wakizashi. During a confrontation in Shogunworld, Tanaka and Musashi duel. Tanaka has his hand cut off by Musashi’s katana and then commits seppuku to retain his honor after the fight.Will Tanaka and his beautiful samurai sword set be back on Westworld later on? We don’t know, but we hope to see his swords again soon!

Maeve's Katana

The final main character that uses a traditional Japanese sword is Maeve. We met her back in the first season of Westworld, and she continues to fight a rebellion against her creators in later seasons. She also uses a katana to defend herself, even though she enters Shogunworld with modern weapons.While Maeve doesn’t really need any weapons to defend herself because she can control other hosts with voice commands, there’s something spectacular about seeing her duel with a katana.

Westworld Swords at Swords of Northshire

Swords of Northshire is truly honored to be part of such an amazing production, and we hope to showcase more of our pieces in future television and movie series. We currently only have Musashi’s katana for sale on our site, but you can always create a custom piece to mimic any sword you’ve seen.Ready to shop television replicas like Miyamoto Musashi’s sword? Explore our massive selection of hand-crafted, fully functional swords online today!

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