5 Badass Anime Swordswomen

5 Badass Anime Swordswomen

yuuki action figure from sword art online

If you’re a fan of anime, you may have noticed that in many shows and movies, the male characters are the powerful heroes while female characters are relegated to giggling schoolgirls. You might be looking for shows that feature smart, bold, and strong female characters — we promise they exist!

Ready to discover some of the best female swordsmen in anime? Follow along with Swords of Northshire as we share some of our favorite shows featuring badass anime swordswomen!

  1. Major Motoko Kusanagi

This character from Ghost in the Shell isn’t just an anime swordswoman; she is a fighting machine — literally! Because she has a cybernetic body, she has many advantages when it comes to fighting. Mokoto is stronger, faster, and more skilled than nearly every other human. She’s an all-around weapons expert that can utilize everything from hand-to-hand combat and katana swords to every kind of gun imaginable.

The anime explores her journey as she questions if what’s left of her human body is enough to categorize her as a human. Her story is equal parts existential discovery and thrilling unadulterated action!

  1. Mikasa Acherman

Mikasa Acherman from Attack on Titan is a proficient fighter and a military genius. She has been quoted saying that her “specialty is slicing off meat.” She may desire a peaceful life, but her talent as a soldier makes her extremely valuable to the military as they fight the titans threatening to overwhelm them. Throughout the show, she shows her proficiency as an anime swordswoman, taking on bigger and stronger opponents to protect the innocent and do what she thinks is right. Her swords look very unique as they seem to have some sort of straight edge nodachi blade.

  1. Kyoka Jiko

If you love My Hero Academia, then you already know about Kyoka Jiko. This talented female swordsman from the anime is a skilled fighter with a tanto and can also produce powerful sound waves that she uses as a primary weapon. She isn’t featured as frequently as some of the other characters. Still, her character and skills make her a popular player in the series, and many fans expect to see a lot more of her in later seasons — especially since she’s got a major presence throughout the manga.

  1. Artoria Pendragon

Artoria Pendragon, from the novel and anime called Fate/Zero, is a Saber-class servant in the fourth war for the holy grail. She says, “The weight of my sword is the weight of my pride.” And, she’s right, as she eventually comes to wield the infamous European sword Excalibur to great effect. In addition to her skills as an anime swordswoman, she can also use Excalibur’s magical energy to gain potent healing abilities, literally move mountains, and summon warriors of the past to her aid.

  1. Asuna

While Sword Art Online mainly follows a male protagonist, Asuna is a heavily featured heroine that becomes his good friend and wife. She’s the second in command of the Knights of the Blood Oath guild — a powerful group that formed to help all the players break out of the video game that traps them.

An accomplished fighter within the game, she’s known for using a rapier to develop her ultra-fast sword skills and leadership abilities. She actually saves the main character many times with her swordsmanship, emotional strength, and compassion. Other featured female sword fighters include Konno Yuuki and Sakuya.

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