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We want to be your number one resource for Japanese-style weapons, so browse our blog to learn more about the famous swords of history, ancient samurai clans, and modern swords forged through ancient techniques.

Learn the way of the Samurai, explore the fascinating world of feudal Japan, and follow along with us as we tell you tales of ancient warriors and powerful emperors.

And browse our store to find traditional samurai weapons, buy yourself a replica of the most famous swords in history, anime replica swords, or design a one-of-a-kind, custom piece.

17 Apr Learn More About Traditional Japanese Swords
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Are your swords full tang/functional?Yes, every sword on our website is full tang and functional. The full width of the blade extends into the handle and is secured with two bamboo mekugi pegs...
01 May What’s the Best Type of Sword?
20 Apr How to Date a Japanese Sword
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Learn How to Identify Old Swords Evidence of swords in Japan dates back to the 700s. These original creations were made from bronze and were typically curved. The more traditional Japanese swords, in..
16 Aug The Deadliest Sword in Samurai History
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The Deadliest Sword in Samurai HistoryWhen it comes to famous samurai clans and legendary sword battles, Japan’s history is full of them. From Sasaki Kojiro and his famous duel with Miyamoto Musashi t..
16 Aug Zoro's Swords: A Round-Up
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Zoro's Swords: A Round-UpOne-Piece: Zoro’s SwordsRoronoa Zoro is a central part of the anime known as One Piece. His sword fighting skills have helped Monkey D. Luffy out of many dangerous situations...
16 Aug Anatomy of a Sword Wound
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Anatomy of a Sword WoundLearn About The Damage of a Sword InjuryBefore there was any type of anesthetic or sanitation technology, wounds were a major hurdle for anyone — often resulting in amputation,..
16 Aug Smithing Forges Through the Ages
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Smithing Forges Through the AgesForge HistoryDid you think blacksmithing is a thing of ancient history? Think again! Smithing forges have always been part of our modern world, even though their popula..
16 Aug 5 Badass Anime Swordswomen
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5 Badass Anime SwordswomenIf you’re a fan of anime, you may have noticed that in many shows and movies, the male characters are the powerful heroes while female characters are relegated to giggling sc..
12 Aug Michonne's Sword: Why Does She Use a Katana?
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Michonne's Sword: Why Does She Use a Katana?Whether you were introduced to the Walking Dead through the graphic novel or through the television show, one part of the story never changed: Michonne’s ka..
18 Mar A Guide to Sword Identification
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Knowing what types of weapons you’re purchasing is important, and when it comes to sword identification, there are a lot of nuances to get lost in. What kind of hilt do you have? Shape of the blade? W..
18 Mar What is Unique About Norse Swords?
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Throughout history, there have been many iconic Norse swords. Sigurd’s sword Gram, Dainsleif used by King Hogni, and many more have shaped the history of Scandinavia. But what makes these Viking weapo..
15 Jan Why is Sword Weight Important?
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Many people think that the sharpness of the blade is the most important part of cutting and slashing with a sword, but the weight of a sword has more to do with its effectiveness than you may think. B..
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