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Wakizashi Swords

wakizashi sword

To complete your samurai sword set, you need a wakizashi to complement your katana. The wakizashi sword possesses a shorter blade than a katana and was used in close quarters fighting. The wakizashi and shorter pairing to the katana worn together on the obi (belt) was the official sign of a samurai, and the pair of swords together were called daisho. Even when the katana was left at the door of a palace, the wakizashi sword was always worn at the samurai’s side. Explore our handcrafted swords here to create your own samurai set.

Top Quality Products

At Swords of Northshire, our wakizashi for sale are hand forged in the traditional Japanese style by a master swordsmith. They are full of intricate designs and unique details that ensure each sword is completely original. We choose to work only with the best materials, such as premium 1060 and 1095 high carbon steel. These metals are optimally heat treated to create a strong, durable, and fully functional sword.

Once you decide on the right sword for you, choose if you prefer a hand sharpened or unsharpened blade to add to your collection. Sharpened blades are capable of cutting through tatami mats, bamboo, and bone. Unsharpened pieces for display purposes and iaido training are still dangerous, as these are weighty hardened steel blades.

Shop with the Experts

The Swords of Northshire team has a passion for swords and a dedication to bringing you exactly what you’re looking for. Whether you prefer to use the wakizashi blade in iaido or kenjutsu practice or you just want to display it prominently with your collection, we can help.

Interested in a larger or smaller samurai sword? Check out our selection of odachi and tanto knives. You can even create a custom sword that meets your exact specifications. Shop our selection now to start your own collection!

This is a well-made folded steel Katana and Wakizashi, following the traditional Japanese process. The blades are very sharp and folded 13 times resulting in over 8,000 layers. They come with a black lacquered & painted hard wood saya and silk sageo/ito, iron fittings, and multi-colored genuine ..
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