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Ninja Sword vs Samurai Sword

What are the differences between a ninja sword vs. a samurai sword? There are several differences. The two swords were possessed by two different groups of people in the ancient Japanese society. The samurai swords were used by the samurai soldiers who were seen as higher members of the society. The samurai soldiers were associated with nobility and their main task was to guard the royal members of the ancient Japanese society. The ninjas were a tactical team of warriors in the society, they decided to either use their swords or martial arts to win a fight. Some of the differences between the two swords include the following:

Ninja Sword vs Samurai Sword


Samurai Swords


Two Types of Samurai SwordsNinja Sword vs Samurai Sword


There were two major types of samurai swords. They included the long bladed and the short bladed. The short bladed was referred to as Wakizashi. There was a lot of importance attached to the swords; soldiers were prohibited from leaving their swords behind. A samurai soldier would always be seen carrying their sword. Their swords were very precious and it was even taboo to touch the swords with bare hands. If they were to die, a samurai soldier would never let his sword go.


Elegant Designs


There was a lot of time and care taken into to craft samurai swords. Since the soldiers who carried the swords were seen as individuals of the upper echelon in society, each sword was crafted carefully and designed to be impeccable.


Intrinsic Value


Samurai swords were unlike the swords being carried by the ninjas. Since the responsibility of carrying a sword came with great honor, there was a lot of value attached to the samurai and the sword. The cost of a samurai sword was high due to the great value attached to the swords.


Highly Treasured


It was a great honor to carry a samurai sword. The great honor of carrying a samurai sword is not replicated in a ninja sword.  


Sacred Forging Process


The forging process of the samurai swords was sacred. Soldiers were not allowed to ask about defects on the swords being forged. If there were defects, only their family members can ask question concerning the swords on behalf of the soldiers.


Ninja Swords


Simple Tools


There is a big difference between the two swords. For the ninjas, the swords were just simple tools. They did not attach a lot of value to the swords. They were just tools to be used when necessary.


Designed For Utility


The main aim of designing the ninja swords was for utility. The designers were more concerned on the comfort and ease of use of the swords. They were designed with the main aim of helping the soldiers gain upper hands in war.


Swords Can Be Abandoned


If a ninja discovers he can use other tactics rather than the sword to win a fight, he can resort to such tactics. While samurais never abandon their sword, ninjas may leave theirs.


What are the differences between Ninja Sword vs Samurai Sword? The above are some of the difference between the two swords used in ancient japan.Overall, the main difference between a ninja sword vs a samurai sword is the value. Samurai swords have high importance and honor; while ninja swords are mainly used for extra protection.