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21 May How Sharp are Samurai Swords?
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Our team at Swords of Northshire, assure you that Samurai Swords are extremely sharp. The sword has ever been a part of the history and psyche of the Japanese. Legend has it that the Sun Goddess furni..
29 May Wakizashi vs. Tanto
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Wakizashi vs. Tanto -- what is the best pick? While each type of sword boasts varied uses and features, there are key features that appeal to different people. In standard casual convers..
26 May Ninja Sword vs Samurai Sword
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What are the differences between a ninja sword vs. a samurai sword? There are several differences. The two swords were possessed by two different groups of people in the ancient Japanese society. The ..
01 Jun Best Steel for Katana
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When choosing the best steel for Katana, it’s crucial to note that each type of steel has its own pedigree and mix of elements and material. At the end of the day, the best steel depends on what it’s ..
01 Jun Best Battle Ready Katana
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The Katana sword requires both a very hard cutting edge which can be sharpened to cut through bone, and a soft flexible spine to absorb the shock of powerful blows. The samurai depended on his sword w..
31 May Top 5 Gruesome Medieval Weapons
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Top 5 Gruesome Medieval Weapons  5. Boiling Oil   Attacking a medieval castle was an intimidating prospect. Tall, thick stone walls defend..
20 May Mass Grave of Samurai Tells The Story of a Feudal Japanese War
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   The Samurai are some of the most feared and revered warriors of all time. Recently discovered remains from mass graves are casting an extraordinary new light on these..
29 May The Development of the Sword Throughout Medieval History
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  From ancient times to Hollywood, the sword has represented power, justice, and the fight against evil. It’s both magical and deadly. The sword has influenced the outcome of great moments in hi..
29 May Katori Shinto Ryu, The Ancient Japanese Martial Art
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  Katori Shinto Ryu is one of the oldest traditions of martial arts in Japan. It’s battle strategies used by ancient samurai warriors have been passed down quietly for nearly 600..
26 May The Battle of Barnet and History of the Sword in Britain
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   Medieval weapons are fascinating. They pose so many questions about the world in which they were used. How were they made? How do you fight with them? What are t..
02 Jun All Reviews
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21 May Rise of Genghis Khan and the Mongol Empire
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  Genghis Khan rose to power through ruthless determination and brutal tactics. In the late 12th and early 13th century, Mongolia had no central government and was inhabited by s..
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