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Green Katana Swords

This Iaito Katana offers great quality at a reasonable price. Featuring our hand forged and polished 1060 carbon steel blade, designed for optimal balance and handling. This sword is a more traditional alternative to the many zinc aluminum alloy blades available. Our steel blades have been designed ..
The single-edged Dao sword became the favored weapon during the Tang Dynasty after Chinese and Korean sword smiths emigrated to Japan. Their metallurgical skills were in highly sought after, and the Japanese adopted some of their sword making techniques, like folded steel and using clay for differen..
Tactical Outdoor WakizashiSurvival SwordThe tactical wakizashi from Swords of Northshire is specially designed for outdoor survival. It’s a plain, but functional piece that is hand forged by our master craftsmen. We recommend this blade for outdoor activities such as hunting, hiking, jungle ..
This sword is made of 1095 high carbon steel, clay tempered with a polished mirror-like surface. It is a very strong sword made with traditional methods. The kissaki (blade tip) length is far larger than the width, otherwise known as an o-kissaki. The blade is repeatedly heat treated ..
This is a well-made colorful folded steel sword, following the traditional Japanese process. The blade is very sharp and folded 13 times resulting in over 8,000 layers. After sharpening, the blade is etched with an oxidation process to give the surface it's black color. It comes with a black ma..
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