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Sword Accessories

Sword Accessories

Katana Accessories

If you want to properly protect your sword, you need to find professional accessories that were designed for that very purpose. Whether you want to store your sword or carry and use it, Swords of Northshire has the samurai and katana sword accessories you need. Once you’ve purchased your preferred weapon, browse our huge selection of samurai sword holsters, Japanese sword scabbards, and so much more today.

Our Sword Accessory Collection

Everything on our site is made from premium, top quality materials. Our care and attention to detail extends far beyond just the creation of our swords to the development of our accessories as well. We want every element of your purchase to benefit from our passion for swords.

From katana accessories to sheaths and display cases, Swords of Northshire has everything you need to keep your swords looking good. Explore a collection that includes:

  • Japanese Sword Scabbards & Holsters
  • Sword Bags
  • Single Sword Display Stands
  • Dual Sword Display Stands
  • Protective Display Cases
  • Ito (Handle Wraps)
  • Sageo Ties

Choose the colors that match your samurai sword, the type of wood for your katana stand, or the display case that makes your odachi the center of attention. If you are a sword enthusiast or sword master, we guarantee that you’ll want one of these katana accessories to protect your blade.

Shop with Us

At Swords of Northshire, we strive to bring you top quality swords and accessories. No matter what style of sword you’re looking for, we can help you with every step of the buying process. Create your own custom sword, find replica pieces from your favorite movies, or discover the perfect accessories to complement your chosen piece when you shop our online store today.

If you have any questions about our swordsmithing techniques, the terminology we use, or the ordering process, feel free to check our FAQ or reach out to our friendly customer service representatives today!

You can use this product to add cost to an order (if you want something custom done that costs extra). Just increase the quantity to achieve the desired added cost..
Katana Sheath Add On When you’re customizing your own sword, you typically have six options for your katana scabbard. We currently offer matte black, black lacquer, red, dark red, natural wood, and gold saya as part of your purchase. If none of these colors are catching your eye, you can alwa..
Wakizashi, Tanto, & Katana Handle Wraps An ito is the traditional Japanese sword hilt wrapping material that creates the diamond-shaped pattern along a sword’s hilt. At Swords of Northshire, any sword you order already comes with an ito wrap. You can even customize your handle wrap color ..
Variety of Japanese sword bags to choose from, also suitable for Chinese swords...
Pick from a selection of thick sageo (saya cord) for japanese samurai swords..
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