Hand Forged 1060 High Carbon Steel Blade Dragon & Snake Martial Arts Iaito Katana

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This Martial Arts Katana offers great quality at a reasonable price. Featuring our hand forged and polished 1060 carbon steel blade, designed for optimal balance and handling. This sword is a more traditional alternative to the many zinc aluminum alloy blades available. Our steel blades have been designed from the ground up, to offer perfect balance for regular Iaido & Kenjutsu use. The blade is unsharpened by default, and the customer can opt for free sharpening service. The sword comes equipped with a black lacquered hardwood saya, silk sageo/ito, solid alloy fittings, genuine same' (rayskin) and silk wrapped tsuka (handle). The Katana is well assembled and the ito wrapping is tight and even. Each sword is individually handmade so specifications may vary slightly.


Hand Forged 1060 High Carbon Steel Blade Dragon & Snake Martial Arts Iaito Katana Features:

  • Hand Forged 1060 High Carbon Steel Blade
  • Includes Black Lacquered Hardwood Saya
  • Features Solid Alloy Fittings
  • Rayskin and Silk Wrapped Tsuka
  • Secured with Two Bamboo Mekugi
  • Free Optional Signature Engraving
  • Craft Time: 1-2 Weeks



Blade: 27.8"

Handle: 10.6"

Overall: 40.9"

Weight (Without Saya): 2.17 lbs

Weight (With Saya): 2.31 lbs

5 ( 5 / 5 )
I have a few swords that i have bought from other venders. This company is the best that i have bought from yet. I love the sword, very well made. Wrappings are very tight, guard is perfect, the blade is amazing. 1060 carbon steel for under $200 is a great price. If you are thinking of buying a sword from here, you won't be sorry. The two week was the only bad part, i will be buying from them again. Love this sword!!!
5 ( 5 / 5 )
Five stars the wrapping was unexpected and perfect ❤️❤️❤️ the sword was amazing
4 ( 4 / 5 )
Purchased the sword as a Christmas gift for my Boyfriend, it arrived promptly and in great condition, loved the fabric bag it came in. Sword was in my opinion great quality and well made. Only problem I had was that they website did not convert the price to Canadian dollars as is often done on other shopping sites and in the shipping and billing section of the website it did not say that it wasn't in anything other than Canadian dollars so the charge amount on my card was not expected. Customer service was prompt when I contacted them.
5 ( 5 / 5 )
As a new buyer of swords I found this company's website excellent. The have a very good list of product with options of customization. As my 1st sword I am very much impressed with the quality and finishing. I loved the sword's craftsmanship. It is simply awesome. Most importantly I would like to tell you about the excellent customer service. Whenever I contacted them they responded to me within 12 hours. I really loved buying this sword and in the future if I need more I will definitely come here again. I will definitely suggest my friends to stop by this site if they are shopping any kind of sword.
5 ( 5 / 5 )
Excellent quality. As my first sword I wanted to go with something cheaper and possibly lower quality but this sword has set the bar very high for any future swords I buy. The customer service was amazing with quick replies to any questions and pictures of the sword before shipping to make sure it was what I wanted. Shipping: After waiting a mere 2 or so weeks from purchase I had this sword in my hand (I live in Brisbane, Australia so I don't know how that freight time will compare to other locations) Appearance: After excitedly getting through the styrofoam packing I carefully slide the sword out of the sword bag, I opted for Red rayskin with Black leather grip which looks amazing, coupled with Scabbard #111 (black and red) made it really impressive to see. After cleaning the blade of the "freight oil" I spent and embarrassing amount of time admiring the blade, It's edge was sharp and true the entire length and the Bo-hi (fuller/blood groove) really added some nice geometry. My issues (which are very minor): The dragon/ cobra tsuba had a sharp burr or ridge in the cobra head that would be uncomfortable but not enough to actually cut, some light filing fixed that though. The red rayskin looked a bit plasticy. And while the leather wrap looked great and was even the whole way it doesn't feel or handle the best, at least with bare hands. If anyone is after a working/beater sword I suggest going with the cloth wrap. The edge, although sharp, was not "razor" sharp but I wouldn't consider this an issue more just to dispel the "razor sharp from the box" expectation, if its a razor edge you want then get yourself some oil and a honing stone (and of coarse be very, very careful!) But overall this sword is excellent quality vs price. and would recommend to anyone as a reliable "go to" sword to buy.

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