1095 High Carbon Steel Blade Nagimaki Samurai Naginata Katana Nagamaki Sword

1095 High Carbon Steel Blade Nagimaki Samurai Naginata Katana Nagamaki Sword
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This Nagamaki sword is made of 1095 high carbon steel, clay tempered with a polished mirror-like surface. It is a very unique sword with a structure that is a mix between a Katana and Naginata, with a Unokubi-Zukuri blade shape. The blade is repeatedly heat treated and hand forged to remove impurities making the blade strong and flexible. The blade is full tang and hand sharpened, suitable for battle. The sword comes with a black lacquered hardwood saya with rayskin wrap and buffalo horn koiguchi, silk sageo/ito, genuine same' (rayskin) and premium iron fittings. The tang is secured with two bamboo mekugi and features a mei (signature). It is a very good choice for dojo and iaido use, gifts, cutting practice, display, and collection. It is durable enough for tameshigiri, bamboo, bones, iron wire, etc.


1095 High Carbon Steel Blade Unokubi-Zukuri Samurai Naginata Katana Nagamaki Sword Features:

  • Hand Sharpened, Full Tang, Battle Ready Sword
  • Hand Forged 1095 High Carbon Steel Blade
  • Unokubi Zukuri Style Naginata / Katana Hybrid
  • Traditional 14 Stage Hand Polished Finish
  • Hardwood Saya with Rayskin Wrap and Buffalo Horn
  • Silk and Genuine Rayskin Wrapped Tsuka
  • Features Premium Iron Fittings
  • Free Sword Bag and Spare Mekugi
  • Craft Time: 2-3 Weeks



Blade: 27.9"

Handle: 15.7"

Overall: 47.2"

Shipping Weight: 4.41 Lbs

5 ( 5 / 5 )
This shopping experience for my Nagimaki Katana sword by far exceeded my greatest expectations. I sense self-defense may very well come down to the basics. This is my reason for purchasing such a masterclass of artistic expression placed upon the superb quality and craftsmanship for this very sharp, and authentically designed sword. I prefer the Asian swords over American swords simply because they are individually made and not mass produced for corporate greed, but handmade with a kind of honorable tradition. I am so very pleased with SwordsofNorthshire. I will be back again for more. Awesome job people.
5 ( 5 / 5 )
This is a beautiful sword that is now displayed proudly over my fireplace. The quality is extraordinary and I'm very pleased with my purchase! I had a lot of questions beforehand and the staff was very patient and helpful.
5 ( 5 / 5 )
I bought the Nagamaki Katana as a gift for my daughter(just became a black belt in Shokotan Karate) she's so happy with it,the quality is very impressive and I would definitely buy again, your staff were very helpful with any questions I had,big thank you to all
5 ( 5 / 5 )
This sword is beautiful. It's craftsmanship is comparable to very expensive swords. All fittings are tight and looks well made. The blade is scary sharp. I ordered the light cutting sharpness and I am very pleased. The Nagimaki style blade looks like a normal katana but with a wider cutting end. It looks amazing. The handle is longer than normal but it makes it easier to maneuver. The sword feels lighter than my other 1060 katana. It took about 4 weeks to make I think. Once completed, I received an email with detailed pictures. They asked me if it was up to my approval. Then was shipped and arrived at my door very quickly. The sword bag that came with it is made of silk and is very pretty. I highly recommend this sword to anyone looking for a great sword that is not too expensive.
5 ( 5 / 5 )
I ordered the Nagimaki katana and have to say it exceeded my expectations. The quality of the work was great. The balance, sharpness of the blade and rayskin. Everything was great. The sales staff kept me up to date through out the whole process including sending photos for my acceptance. I would purchase from them again without hesitation. If your looking for a 5 star product this is your company.

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